Wednesday, 27 January 2010


Apple wanted to create something that was between an iPhone and a MacBook... but all they did is make an iPod touch with a 9.7" screen and a faster processor. They upgraded the native apps, added iWork (which no one actually uses) and an eBook client. That's pretty much it. By all means, correct me if I'm wrong.

The first and most important blunder in my eyes, is the lack of multitasking. One of the rumors going around was that iPhone OS 4.0 would be released concurrently and that it would have some form of multitasking support. No such luck. You're still stuck listening to music or replying to emails, no-can-do both.

In the Apple video, the word "best" gets thrown around A LOT, but is it really the "best" at anything? I would still rather carry a laptop with a 3G card and get the full use of a computer while traveling. Apple can't boast that the iPad is the "best" at browsing without a Flash Player plug-in. Early adopters will be shelling out between $500-900 for one of these things and I'll be watching Hulu on my Palm Pre before it even ships.

The lack of a forward facing camera and iChat on this bad boy is another thing I'm not very impressed with. In the hands-on videos this thing looks pretty snappy, are you telling me that it couldn't handle a little iChat action? C'mon. Not even SMS?

Another deal breaker for me is the lame 30-pin connector. That means that there are going to be a boatload of adapters for this thing. Why not mini-USB? It could've also had at least ONE USB port. Maybe an SD card slot for importing photos?

Ultimate fail: AT&T data plan. (for US)

One thing the iPad WILL be best at though, is replacing Amazon Kindles and all other eBook readers. At a $500 price point, why NOT get an ebook reader you can check your email, browse the internet and play games with? If you were already in the market for one, might as well pre-order your iPad, the Kindle is dead baby.

Gizmodo complains about the name, the "huge bezel" and no HDMI/HD Video out, but those things are by no means going to stop me from buying one if it had everything else. If the OS was more robust (a mini Mac OSX), Flash, iSight/iChat support and proper peripheral support, I would have already placed my order.

All in all, there is definitely a market for this thing. It's a super cool toy that plays games, music and videos and connects to the internet. I know many of my compadres are ready to snatch one up. I just know I won't be shelling out the dough for one.

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