Saturday, 23 January 2010

Moments of truth in 2010

2010 will finally allow us to get our hands on technology that has been promised or speculated over for most of 2009. Here’s a few of the delights coming our way in 2010.

The Apple tablet or slate computer. Will it be announced on 27 Jan? Will be a Kindle killer? Will it have a camera and run OS X? All I know is most of us will be glad when this speculation finally stops and the damn thing is announced. I’ll also be having a sweepstake with fellow geeks to see how many times Apple boss Steve Jobs says ‘mere mortals’ or ‘un-be-lievable’ in his presentation. Not sure what I’m talking about? Here’s a video of Steve at his best.

2009 was the year of resurgence in 3D cinema and in 2010 your living room is set to go 3D. While your PS3 just needs a firmware update, you’ll need a new 3D TV to reap any of the benefits. Yes, entry into this club will not be cheap, but the price living at the bleeding edge of technology has always required sacrifices. Improved depth perception has been the driving force behind 3D commercial simulators for years, so why not enjoy a real ‘in car feeling’ in GT5? In true 3D gaming, falling of a cliff in LittleBigPlanet really will be down to a lack of skill and not because it’s so hard to work out where you’re standing. 3D blu-ray films are also due for launch in 2010 and your PS3 will play those too. We'll have to see how people respond to having wear 3d glasses for hours on end. Spare a thought for those of us who already wear glasses, how can we wear the 3D glasses on top of our normal specs without looking utterly ridiculous?

Microsoft promise hardware innovation of their own too. Perhaps as recompense for making online gamers wear uncomfortable headsets that make us resemble call centre drones, but more likely as a response to the run away success of the Wii, Microsoft will launch Project Natal in 2010. It’s an add-on for Xbox 360 that promises 3D motion capture, gesture recognition plus facial and speech recognition all without the need for a controller or headset. The promise is a level of interaction with games never seen before. If it works it could really change the way we play. It all looks a bit too good to be true, but all will be revealed on its launch in late 2010. Don’t let me down Microsoft; I’m holding you to this E3 2009 video, especially the dressing up bit.

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