Thursday, 14 January 2010

Post CES... Post

Well as the CES buzz continues to fizzle this week, it seems like there is a whole lot of tech coming out that I think we all pretty much expected. I don't know about anyone else, but I wasn't really blown away by anything this year.
There is a lot of talk including the word "tablet" this year with the looming possibility of Apple feeding their iPod Touch one of Mario's mushrooms. Other laptop and mobile computing manufacturers are feeling the pressure to come out with new or improved versions of their own tablet PCs or, at the very least, iPod Touch/PMP comparable devices. Although I'm curious to see what manifests itself from this hoopla, right now I'm not too interested.
Another term being thrown around a lot this year is "3D". 3D technology is a novelty that has been around for quite some time (1890 if Wikipedia is correct) but has yet to creep into our everyday lives, that seems to be on the cusp of change for 2010. With ESPN announcing 3D broadcasts of the World Cup in June, 3D televisions are springing up all over the place with not-so-ludicrous price tags, all things considered.
Now, as much as I would LOVE to watch the world cup in 3D, I’m not going to go out and spend $2k+ for the hardware to make it happen, especially on something that is a long way from reaching it’s full potential. Personally, I think 3D is cool when you’re going to the movies or going to catch the rerelease of Captain EO at Disneyland this year. I’m not so sure I want to strap on a pair of 3D specs (or have enough on-hand for a group) whenever I want to watch something on TV. While there was a hint of “glasses-free 3D” technology shown at CES, we’re probably still quite a ways away from that. Until then, regular 1080p w/ 240hz is good enough for my World Cup experience.
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