Saturday, 20 February 2010

Design for CeX and win CeX vouchers

We're you offering an awesome opportunity for you to contribute to the of design our new in store posters.

The Prize

• £250 of CeX vouchers to spend how you like (or local equivalent in $, € etc).
• If the winning design is good enough your posters could appear on the walls and counters of our stores worldwide and we’ll give you a credit on the poster if you like it.

The Brief

All you need to do is design one original poster, ideally in portrait aspect ratio. The poster needs to communicate the range CeX buys from customers and exchanges. The product categories CeX buys are

• Phones
• Laptops
• Gaming
• DVDs & Blu-rays
• Cameras (digital)
• iPods
• Laptops
• Plasma & LCD
• Music CDs

We’re looking for originality ideas, not pixel perfect executions. Children’s painting’s also very welcome.

All entries must be received by closing date of Mon 22 March 2010 (via post or email).

How to enter and rules

This is open to anyone in the world except, those in the CeX Marketing Department (sorry guys:). Entries cannot be returned and all entries become property of CeX. CeX's decision is final.

Entries can be submitted by email to (either electronic designs or photos of hand drawn entries etc) to

posted to
Design Competition
CeX Support Centre
The Old Brewery
132a St Albans Road
WD24 4AE
United Kingdom

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