Thursday, 18 February 2010

Review | Dante's Inferno

EA's Dante's Inferno is a new hack n' slash epic from the makers of the scary atmospheric Dead Space and the surprisingly brilliant and hilarious Simpsons game.
 Dante's Inferno's story is loosely based on the epic poem 'The Divine Comedy' by Dante Alighieri, I use the term loosely because I can't remember reading about a 50 foot, purple, big breasted, human/beast that shoots un-baptised babies from her tongue-like nipples (that's probably the weirdest thing I've ever said). 

The graphics are impressive; the level design is twisted, gothic and utterly breathtaking, although you wont have time to appreciate with the hell-spawn attacking you left right and centre. Speaking of which, hell's minions are a sight to behold, with the likes of monsters with scythes sprouting from their abdomen. There is also the horrible sight of Cerberus is something that may not be for those with a weak stomach. 

The protagonist Dante is a man not to be messed with, for starters the man has an extensive tapestry sewn into his torso. Also when confronted by Death instead of repenting for his sins Dante fights Death an slices him in two with his own scythe! Above all Dante's Inferno is an amazing game, visually it is beautiful (never thought I'd say hell looks beautiful) game play wise its fluid, fast and challenging. The music is a deep orchestra with hymn like lyrics, that give the game an added level of depth to the action and story. 

As much as I loved Dante's Inferno, I was a little disappointed. With most hyped up releases, especially with the barrage of hack n' slash genre games that have been released in this short decade, I was slightly hoping that playing Dante's Inferno would be like the nine circles of hell itself; torture beyond belief. What I played, fortunately, was a well executed, very fluid, challenging, Bayonetta rivalling, hell of a game (if you'll excuse the pun). The game is not for one with a faint heart or one who is easily offended by: nudity, violence, religious context and repulsive monsters. If your not easily offended then you must play this game! 

Leigh Crawford
CeX Sunderland, UK
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