Monday, 8 March 2010

Wanted Web and Graphics Designer: Salary between 25K and 35K depending on experience.

Based in Watford, UK.

Will be working mainly with the Marketing, and IT departments for two major products.
  • Store Point of Sale and other Graphical Merchandising
  • Working to constantly improved the look, design, feel and culture of our web stores, email templates and our online communities
Good knowledge of HTML and Creative Suite.

Some experience in Flash, and other visual products helpful, as would an education of Media Studies and a capability to draw freehand.

Knowledge of PHP and back end databases would be a treat.

Overall the most important asset is a good eye for the aesthetic, and a rebellious streak in your art. Marriage of both is magic.

Reporting to the Founder, me, to start with, so balls necessary and that also means a large degree of creative freedom which a successful candidate will look at as an major benefit.

Apply via email

Robert Dudani

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