Wednesday, 3 March 2010

What's in the Boxee?

I downloaded the Boxee alpha well over a year ago and was unimpressed, to say the absolute least. I failed to see why I would ever use it. Personally, I don't watch much video on my computer. I have a DVR set up to record all the shows I would ever want to watch, cable service with tons of OnDemand options including premium channel content and an Xbox 360 for streaming Netflix all displayed on a beautiful big screen. On top of everything else, the alpha version of the software left much to be desired.

Now that the beta version has been released, the software is much easier on the eyes and a lot more intuitive although still far from perfect. After toying around with it, even though I don't have an extensive video library on my computer(s), I can definitely see tons of potential in this piece of software and soon to be available hardware. With rumors of Apple putting an HDMI out on their next Mac Mini, I can definitely see myself loading one up with a hard drive full of movies and the Boxee software to make a video jukebox.

The full details on the Boxee Box (pictured) haven't been released yet, so it may be better (read: cheaper) to pick one of those up depending on the internal storage space and actual price point.

I'm really interested in hearing how every one else is using/not using Boxee.
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