Thursday, 17 November 2011

Donate & we'll add 10%

In the UK you can choose to donate to charities when you are selling your old games, phones, DVDs and gadgets to CeX. This is available both in store and online.

Why not donate some or all of the value of your items to Muscular Dystrophy Campaign, Help for Heroes or the DEC Gaza Crisis Appeal?

When selling any item to CeX just choose the amount and the charity you wish to donate to. We will make your donation in full to your chosen charity. Better still if you donate 100% of the value of your stuff in one transaction we'll add 10% to the value given to the charity of your choice. In the past year we've raised tens of thousands of pounds for good causes.

Recycling your old items to CeX will help the environment, as well as these immensely deserving appeals. Start selling to CeX and help save lives here.
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