Thursday, 7 October 2010


I seem to have missed the memo on what is so amazing about Google TV. What is the big deal? The more I read about it, the less interested I am. I understand why people would want to have the internet on their TV, I really do, but why would I spend $300 on a Logitech Revue when you already have a device that does everything it promises to do? It's called a computer. 

I don't see how Google TV is supposed to be any better than connecting my computer to my TV. I already have a computer, the Boxee software is free, why would I pay for another box? Will Google TV make listening to Pandora that much better than it is on my computer? It won't make YouTube any cooler and doesn't do Netflix any favors my Xbox 360 doesn't already. So what is the point? I can connect my Mac Mini to my 46" TV via HDMI and stream not only the web, but my downloaded content as well and Boxee already lets me use my phone as the remote. Google TV's target demographic is probably already doing something like this. 

Of course people are already speculating that Google is going to change the way we watch TV, but if Hulu has been doing it this long and hasn't caused much of a TV revolution so far, why is Google going to be any different? Google hasn't announced any sort of network partnerships and if they did, there is no way that there would be any less advertisement. People are eager to cut their cable bills for an internet option, but there isn't going to be a valid cable option until more TV networks get on board with sites like Hulu and stop bucking progress the way NBC went after Boxee. 

I'm not anti-Google or ant-Google TV for that matter, I'm just not drinking their Kool-Aid quite yet. 

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