Thursday, 23 December 2010

Gadget Review - iPad & multitasking

So, I'm an Apple convert. I've repented and seen the error of my former ways. I turned to the other side much to the disdain of my other half, who, shall we say, belongs to AA, 'Anti-Apple'. No anonymity needed, he's quite proud of his beliefs.

Now, I’m one of those losers who feel lost without their iPhone, and to be honest, without the maps feature, 9/10ths of the time I would be. My friend has an iPad so, I thought I'd give it a whirl before Xmas. It seemed like the logical next step in my obsession. Like my new best friend, but bigger. I'd seen a cat scratch vinyl on one on YouTube. I mean, c'maaaan.

As winter would have it; I fell ill with the lurgiez of doom and was bedridden for days. If it wasn't for my iPad I think I would have gone insane from boredom. 

It is sleek and light. The screen brightness is fully adjustable which meant my already weak eyes weren't strained, the screen quality was crystal clear (and put up with my coughs and splutters like a pro).

I was constantly entertained during my delirium.

 I could check my emails with ease, flitting from screen to screen, check Facebook, blogs and watch BBC iPlayer seamlessly (shamefully, I get cranky without my favourite TV fixes). I spent a good few hours getting my cabin fever frustration out on Angry Birds. If you don’t know what that is, you need to GET to know. Not just limited to iPad, iPhone users can get it too and trust me, the game feels even better on a larger screen. The choice of applications available is awesome. My Bejeweled 2 top score is out of this world now. Although if I hear that theme tune again it'll be too soon. I think I nearly overdosed on that game.

The start up time was pretty much instant and the operating system smooth as silk! I could use the iPad to cool down my already feverous head or use it to heat myself up after an hour or use, although it never gets too hot to handle. Talk about multi-tasking. 

As a total blog addict, I was sad to see it didn’t have a camera. I’d have been happy a with a crappy 2 mega pixel effort like my iPhone 3g has. Is that too much to ask? Seeing how portable the iPad is it would be nice if you could take it outside also and take a few snaps. I'd be surprised if the next generation iPad didn’t have a camera, maybe two.

I liked the touch sensitive display (like the iPhone) as this meant I didn’t have a stylus to inevitably lose. It put up with my nail extensions without complaint. 

The universal moan that you can’t print directly from an iPad has been remedied for owners of selected HP Wi-Fi printers. Hopefully further updates will allow this to with other printers. 
A recent firmware update also allows multitasking so no more swopping between apps. I can listen to Last FM while I blog away. The device is literally at the command of your fingertips. For the OCD Neat freak in us we can now organise our apps into folders! Nice little tidy desktop.

Although I really enjoyed it I could see the novelty wearing off after a while and me reverting back to using my iPhone for convenience. That being said, as soon as the iPad gets a camera, I’ll be first in line.

Louise gives the iPad 7 out of 10.
Louise, CeX UK Contributor.
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