Thursday, 19 January 2012

Try Quickie for faster CeX

Want to know what your local CeX store has in stock when you're on the move? Need to know CeX buy, sell and exchange prices fast? Us too. Good news, the research labs at CeX Towers have developed CeX Quickie, a CeX search tool designed to make things faster easier for anyone using an internet enabled phone or tablet . Try Quickie here.

P.S. remember CeX stores have free unprotected CeX WiFi to make that search even faster.

He looks happy, which is important, but that beige phone won't work with CeX Quickie so it's all show. Any web enabled phone or tablet will work though. You can also try CeX Quickie on your computer too if you're curious, but it lacks the main site buy and sell functions.

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