Wednesday 29 February 2012

CeX Glasgow opens!

Glasgow, please forgive us. We're sorry it's taken so long. Finally, the CeX you have demanded is open in Glasgow. We hope you'll agree it's a worthy flagship CeX for Scotland?

Judge for yourself at CeX Glasgow, 28-40 Union Street. We're next to the legendary Goose Pub, famous for its reasonably priced ales, and a mere minute stroll from Glasgow Central Station. You find two huge floors covering every product category CeX buy, sell and exchange. If you're new to CeX, and after all we were all CeX virgins once, this covers gaming, film, phones, computing, electronics, vision and music. That's a serious combinations of reasons why you need visit CeX Glasgow now.

Why not bring your unwanted gadgets, DVDS and games and we'll buy them for cash or exchange them for something you really want instead? You can also trade in and transform lives with at CeX which allows you to donate some or all of the value of your stuff to charity.

Keep your eyes peeled for more Scottish CeX stores opening this spring. We'll drink to that!

CeX Glasgow's map and opening hours can be found here and your nearest CeX store here.

Some of the huge team who helped make CeX Glasgow happen:)

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