Sunday, 1 April 2012

Brucie Kibbutz launches new gadget range

Here at CeX Towers we share a love of gadgets and frequently enjoy a sociable gaming night with friends, pizzas and a few cases of beer.  If only we could combine our love of gadgets, games and looking after our appearance all at the same time? Well fellow gadget and games fans, help is at hand.

We've always admired Brucie Kibbutz, the legendary lifestyle coach, fitness guru and luxury automotive entrepreneur, so we were excited to learn about a new range of cutting edge gadgets that Brucie is launching this month designed to make us look good too. Launching for iOS and Android devices, the Bright White Extreme Rock allows you to listen to your favourite tunes and whiten your teeth at the same time. Brucie declares 'it's all about abs, lats and white teeth. The louder you listen, the faster they whiten.'

Winner, Simon Cowell is rumoured to use the Bright White Extreme Rock.

Brucie Kibbutz, modelling the Bright White Extreme Rock.

Don't own an iOS or Android device? Brucie is also launching a budget line for those of you 'still looking to be winners' called the Bright White Lite Rock. Brucie claims 'it's the prefect partner for the gym.'

Bright White Lite Rock, designed for workouts.

We think it's probably worth splashing the extra cash to get the Extreme version, so you can take calls while you dial the whiteness on your teeth up to 11, although launch pricing has yet to be revealed. Brucie is already looking at brand extensions to take the Bright range 'to bring beautiful Bright to where the sun don't shine.' Industry pundits were left speculating on what's coming next, but Brucie promised to 'reveal all' this summer. As Brucie says ' Stay Alpha, Bro!' Share your thoughts on the CeX facebook page.

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