Tuesday 1 May 2012

CeX wins Best Newcomer in Ireland Business Awards

We started CeX in London nearly 20 years ago with a firm belief that there was a huge market for second hand for computers, gadgets and video games. Increasing obsolescence was rapidly increasing the need to recycle. As Custies, we wanted to buy and sell with a store where the people, just like us, had a passion and knowledge for gadgets, games and movies. Since 1992, we’ve grown CeX across the globe. In 2011 we launched CeX in India and Ireland.

Our partners in Ireland have brought innovations such as Nokia phones to the Country in the past, so we knew were in good gadget loving company. CeX opened the first Ireland store on Liffey Street Upper, Dublin 1 and the geeks, gamers, gadget fans and movie lovers have swamped the shop ever since. This will be the first of 20 CeX shops we plan to open across Ireland in the next three to five years.

Award winning CeX on Liffey Street Upper, Dublin 1, opened in 2011.

The Irish Franchise Awards have also recognised the huge potential in CeX. They have just voted CeX Best Newcomer International Franchise in Ireland in their 2012 awards. We thank them from the bottom of our hearts and want them to know CeX is here for them when they want sell their old Blackberry’s and other gadget paraphernalia too or trade then for a copy of a tycoon game and a pile of DVDs maybe?

If you’re keen to join our mission for a better way to shop for gadgets, games, phones and movies by opening a CeX store we'd love to hear from you. We have great opportunities for passionate partners in Ireland ie.franchisingteam@webuy.com, the United Kingdom and Spain.

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