Friday, 22 June 2012

CeX Art on the London Underground

If you're in London and passing along Platform 3 at Camden Town tube station, no doubt off to one of the many CeX shop in the area, you'll see a poster from CeX's very own Master of Pencils, Edward Hathaway. Ed also creates most of the designs you see gracing your local CeX shop. Look out for this design as it's bound to be in your local CeX shop soon:)

 Platform 3 at Camden Town


Ed Says "It's about traditional media and traditional values and how they translate to a digital "Cloud based" environment. The possibility of digital production being available to a wider audience- cottage industry on a global scale. How the meaning of "hand made," "hand produced" or even"craft" changes in the digital realm and hints at the possibility of a return to supposedly traditional values such as the reputation of a producer/seller/maker in a so-called global village.... Perhaps the availability of information as an egalitarian tool."

Click to enlarge.

The poster is on Platform 3 until 27 June and is part of the Art on the Underground exhibition.

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