Thursday, 18 October 2012

CeX Opens in Hyderabad, Bareilly, Kanpur & Lucknow!

17 October 2012 - Hyderabad takes CeX to shop number EIGHT in India. Come find us on the Ground Floor at the Meridian Plaza. We have a full range of goodies for you to Buy, Sell & Exchange. How long until we hit double figures in India? Viva CeX India!

Heres & cheers to some of the awesome people who made it happen:

19 September 2012 - Bareilly takes CeX India to shop number seven. Find CeX Bareilly in the Phoenix United Mall, Plibhit Bypass, near Mahanagar Colony. Can anything stop CeX?

8 September 2012 - CeX India opens shop number six in Kanpur (Unit No-34, 2nd Floor, Z Square Mall 16/113, MG Marg, The Mall).

29 August 2012 - This is an auspicious day for CeX India, who have just seen growth of 25%. Yes, we've opened CeX shop number five, with more coming very soon.

Congratulations to Uttar Pradesh, you've now got your first CeX Shop. Located in the Phoenix United Mall, your new CeX Shop is filled to the brim with phones, games, movies and gadgets. Better still you can sell your unwanted phones, games, movies and gadgets for instant cash or even more in exchange for anything we sell. That's why CeX is short for Complete Entertainment Exchange.

Here's to the folks that made it happen

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