Friday 21 December 2012

GOTY No. 10 - Resident Evil 6

Spread across the next 10 days I will be revealing what I consider to be some of 2012’s finest, culminating in my Game of the Year 2012. Let us know on here, Facebook or twitter what YOU think!

In at number 10 I have chosen Resident Evil 6, a title that received very mixed reviews globally. I personally felt that the negative reception was totally unjust and obviously some reviewers just woke up on the wrong side of the bed that morning. 

Resident Evil 6 evolved Capcom’s iconic series further down the line of Action Adventure Horror – which seemed to be most people’s biggest problem. Once you make your peace with the fact Resident Evil 6 is not a Survival Horror title, you find an action-packed adventure spread across 4 fantastic campaigns.

Resident Evil 6 refined the gameplay formula too, making this a much more fast-paced shooter, with plenty of run-and-gun moments and larger than life set-piece battles. Each campaign provided a strong sense of varied gameplay and it was clear that there was no weak link between them. 

Saying all of this, I have to acknowledge that Resident Evil 6 did have some consistency and pacing issues. It wasn’t the most balanced game with ammo constantly being on the low side, enemies proving to be very cheap on harder difficulty levels and some disconnection between certain areas of the game. This perhaps can be blamed on the large development team behind the title but it’s no real excuse, especially considering how important the story is to Resident Evil 6.

Nevertheless, the offline split-screen cooperative mode as well as online functionality allowed gamers to experience this thrilling ride with a buddy, or go through it solo with an AI partner. If that’s not enough the infamous Mercenaries mode made a triumphant return as you attempted to climb up the leaderboard and achieve ultimate Resident Evil greatness. 

While having some issues Resident Evil 6 still stood out as one of 2012’s finest, leaving me with a satisfying grin on my face after every single campaign. With plenty of replay value alongside the relatively large initial story, this is an absolute must have for action adventure and horror hybrid lovers. Zombies may be on the down but Leon and Chris’s battle against Umbrella is really just beginning. 

Igor Kharin.

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