Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Nexus 4 2nd Opinion

Google has teamed with LG to get mighty Nexus 4 collaboration onto the market. And what a treat its been! It has been a little over a month that I've got my hands on this phone. Since then its been a joyride all the way.


One of the best hardware feature of Nexus 4 is its ultra fast processor. With the speed and power of four processors combined into one, the phone is super smooth to use. The response time is instant and you're left admiring the power of the processor.


This Google-baby boosts a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro APQ8064 and 1.5 GHz Processor.?Although it is equipped with 2100 mAh battery, the battery easily exhausts itself within a day, but with most Android phones this is common. The 3G, NFC Beam, Bluetooth 4.0 and Wireless Charging all get a definite thumbs-up!? The wireless charging dock look very handy with nifty magnets that hold the handset and the dock together. Its a disappointment that its not available to buy as yet?


Since it's a Google phone, all the Android updates come to this phone first. Imagine bragging about having the latest updates while your friends are still talking about how great these updates will be when they get it! It's equipped with latest JellyBean 4.2.2 version - ultimate deal maker! Google Now is another pleasant surprise. It's pretty smart and lets you set your home and work locations. You want to know the current traffic scenario on your trek into work? Google Now is your Bible. I would rank it above Siri!


Nexus 4 is a single sealed unit and this makes it more sturdy compared to a Samsung S3. There is no access to the battery and at 139g it's heavier than many other smart phones in its league. At first glimpse the phone seems pretty bland, but a more closer look revels a uniquely designed back. Little glittering pixels change color as you twist the phone. Flashy, ain't it??Here's a word of caution if you have butter fingers or are too careless with your phone - the phone has a glass cover at the back too. This makes it a delicate and handle-with-care phone. The glass at the rear makes it slippery at times on some surfaces. Would be silly to not get a bumper case for this badboy.

User Interface

Swype addicts will have a gala time with this one as it comes with a built-in Swype like keyboard. Five lock screens are pretty decent, although it will leave you asking for more!?One finger drag lets you access the notifications. A top-tip trick is  the two finger drag that gives you access to most of the settings like Wifi, Bluetooth and the recently used ones.?You will be very impressed to see that you can now reply to a missed call or hang up a call from the notification screen itself. The onscreen application tray at the bottom takes up a lot of space and there is still a debate if virtual onscreen buttons are a good thing.

Exceptional Camera

The phone has a 8MP rear and 1.3MP front camera like most other smart phones available on the market but if you compare the quality of pictures taken  from Nexus and the other phones, you'll see Nexus reigns supreme due to the crisp detail. Also the Photo-sphere mode on the camera is a hit! The inbuilt editor in the camera helps you take pictures and immediately edit them. Another Thumbs-up! The 360 Panaroma is a great feature but take a few tries to get it spot on.


Non-expandable 8Gb and 16Gb options are available to choose from. Expandable memory would have been splendid. But is it asking for more?

This is a definite must for anyone who loves trying out new technologies. Get it while its hot!

Sapna Khanna.

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