Friday, 24 May 2013

Help for Heroes at CeX

DONATE your old stuff to a number of charities including Help for Heroes at CeX.

Whether a single item or a round up of lots of your unwanted goodies, you can help us by donating when selling to CeX.

If you donate 100% of the value we’ll top it up by 10% and we pass on all donations to CeX Charities in full.

The Charity

Help for Heroes is a charity born from a simple desire to help those affected, wounded or injured by service to the UK. They have a huge direct support network for Service Personnel & their families.

This is provided through grants to individuals & other service charities, capital build projects & rehabilitation support for life at their recovery centres across the UK.

Their message is simple "H4H do not seek to criticise or be political, we simply want to help by asking everyone to do their bit to raise money. We have spent or allocated every penny donated and are working hard to raise more to ensure our wounded heroes get the support they need for the rest of their lives".

Find you nearest CeX store or donate when selling to CeX online now.

Thank you for your support!

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