Thursday, 1 August 2013

CeX cover competition!

Have you seen what's happening on the CeX Facebook?

CeX cover competition

To celebrate reaching 500k fans we are running our cover competition WORLDWIDE to win $500 CeX voucher (or equivalent. Thats £330. €376, 558 AUD, 30,300!)

To win - Just re enact or remake your fave cover from a game, movie, album - whatever you fancy!
Take a photo, draw a picture, plead/beg/bribe your family & friends to help. Kinda like the below -

Email entries to by midnight GMT Thurs 8th Aug. We will share the winner Friday 9th August 2013.

Be as crazy, zany, creative, hilarious as you like! (And treat yourself to something CeXy with the voucher).

Keep your eyes on the CeX Facebook!

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