Friday 9 August 2013

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team

“The video game industries favourite brothers return once again for another devilishly charming, quirky and fun RPG experience in what has now become one of Nintendo’s staple role-play franchises.“

There’s no doubt that everyone has heard of Mario & Luigi but perhaps not everyone knows of the role-play franchise these two wonderful characters are involved in. When someone mentions Nintendo’s dungaree wearing brothers you immediately imagine platform based gaming, not a role-play / platform adventure hybrid. Surprisingly the formula works wonderfully; made clear by the numerous instalments in the series including the very successful Bowser’s Inside Story. 

Dream Team works on the premise of allowing players to engage in platforming gameplay but when you jump or run into an enemy, turn-based gameplay occurs. In this scenario players are required to actively input commands to dodge and pull off some wacky, outrageous and downright deadly moves. These of course involve both brothers working together using iconic items from Mario’s heritage including shells, mushrooms, hammers etc. 

The aforementioned is the basic principles of all prior Mario & Luigi RPG games, but the added twist and by far the most interesting aspect of Dream Team, is accessing Luigi’s dreams and using his imagination (appropriately named Luigination) to partake in some absolutely brilliant and innovative gameplay. The intertwined combination of platforming, role-play and these special puzzle sequences make Dream Team’s gameplay interesting, always dynamic and a whole load of fun. 

Mario & Luigi RPG’s have always been known for their humour and colourful presentation. Dream Team is every bit as wonderful as other titles in the series but made even more special thanks to Luigi’s beautiful dream sections. Players will absolutely benefit from being familiar with Nintendo’s and especially Mario’s heritage and history because a lot of the humour and jokes are fan service designed to get fans grinning. Like many games on the Nintendo 3DS, actual 3D aspects don’t necessarily enhance the gameplay but it’s a nice add-on if you’re in the mood to add a little depth into your experience. 

Another wholly successful instalment in what’s clearly become a fan-favourite franchise amongst Nintendo fans. Mario & Luigi: Dream Team is a surprisingly intricate, deep and warm-hearted adventure that appeals to an audience of all ages. If you’re looking for a decent amount of gameplay but don’t feel like taking it too seriously then I would recommend Mario & Luigi: Dream Team over something more intense like Fire Emblem.

Gameplay: 8/10
Presentation: 8/10
Replay Value: 7/10
Verdict: 8/10

Igor Kharin

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team at CeX

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