Friday, 23 August 2013

Noel Fielding @ CeX Stratford!

Who's that filming in our CeX Stratford store? Well I'll be, it's none other than brit funny-man Noel Fielding!

That's right, if you went down to CeX Stratford on the 13th of August then you would have been lucky enough to see Noel Fielding in person filming for Season 2 of his Luxury Comedy show for Channel 4!

Fielding himself happily posed with some of our staff and even browsed our collection of goodies, calling a copy of Lost Boys a "bargain" at £2.50.

Not only is this exciting for Fielding fans, who caught a glimpse of their favourite comedian and had the return of Noel Fielding's Luxury Comedy Hour confirmed, but also for us here at CeX! We'll be tuning in to see some of our famous poster art when it airs on Channel 4 ;)

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