Thursday, 15 August 2013

Pikmin 3

“Nintendo’s cast of crazy alien critters return after a long wait for another intriguing adventure filled to the brim with exploration, wonder and glee. Very little mimics the sense of excitement you have traversing an alien planet so it’s a delight that Pikmin 3 makes your steps into the unknown wholeheartedly entertaining.“

For those of you who haven’t played previous Pikmin games, the franchise is based around exploration and adventure. Crash-landing on a desolate island your crew of three brave explorers discover alien creatures known as Pikmin that obey all of your commands. Using these whacky creatures and their unique abilities, it’s up to you to explore well-designed levels, take down beautifully presented enemies and uncover the secrets of this planet.

What makes Pikmin games so special is the undeniable connection you feel to these lovable little guys – Pikmin come in masses yet every time you lose one be it in combat or by accident or don’t bring them back to the ship before the sun sets; you feel a sense of guilt. This is typical of a Nintendo game as the company knows how to create an emotional connection between the gamer and its lovable cast of characters.

It’s not all about exploration either; players are forced to find food scattered across the planet in order to survive and be able to investigate the next day – Pikmin are incredibly strong in numbers and they help bring supplies in order to keep your mission alive. Lacking the same difficultly curve as previous games in the series makes Pikmin 3 slightly more accessible as it’s hardly ever really challenging. However, sitting around the 10 hour mark makes it an enjoyable experience that rarely gets boring in the time it spans. 

In typical Nintendo fashion we have come to expect colourful and goofy designs. Pikmin 3 doesn’t stray at all from the visual formula of the series but the HD graphics of the Wii U really help to bring out the vibrant characters.

Map design is also very impressive and stunning to look at – it’s a pleasure to explore the diverse locations you find yourself and being able to come back with new Pikmin to previous levels and uncover locations you couldn’t access before really helps keep Pikmin 3 alive. 

Pikmin 3 is very enjoyable but it’s rare not to find a Nintendo exclusive that doesn’t glow with passion. This franchise embodies what Nintendo are all about, wholehearted fun and there’s plenty to be found here for fans of adventure and puzzle-based gameplay. The Wii U will certainly find it difficult to compete with Microsoft and Sony’s future gaming machines but titles like this help make Nintendo’s machine a viable option for casual gamers. 

Gameplay: 7/10
Presentation: 9/10
Replay Value: 7/10
Verdict: 8/10

Igor Kharin.

Pikmin 3 at CeX

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