Saturday, 28 September 2013

CeX Opens in Seattle!

Washington State rejoice. Forget Starbucks and Microsoft are based in your back yard. You now have CeX shop, located in Seattle's Northgate Mall (off Interstate 5) near Old Navy. What we lack in Denim Capri pants and jersey thong 3-packs, we more than make up for with an awesome range of phones, games, movies, electronics and computers. We're here for you to buy, sell and exchange, paying way more cash for your unwanted stuff than the other guys. Put us to the test and you won't be disappointed. You can also choose to trade in and exchange what you don't want for something you do.

This young Seattleite knows where the best trade ins are.

Packed with gadgets, games and a very shiny floor.

This is just the start. We've more stores planned across the State opening soon. Find your nearest CeX store here.

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