Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Disney Infinity

“Interacting with Disney’s various enchanting franchises has not been this much fun since Kingdom Hearts – beautifully designed figurine statues embody the spirit of each character while bringing them to life across varied and intriguing worlds that exude nostalgia and fun. “

Disney Infinity resembles the hugely popular and incredibly successful Skylanders series; players purchase a starter pack that comes with 3 characters, 3 play sets and then have the option of purchasing extra figurines to unlock further content in the game. This content ranges from extra characters in the same worlds (opening new sections of already owned play sets) or new play sets and characters.

The gameplay varies greatly pending on which universe you find yourself in: the starter pack comes with Pirates of the Caribbean, Monsters University and the Incredibles with corresponding characters. The aforementioned plays like a hack’n’slash game while the latter two are stealth and open-world adventures respectively. All three are enjoyable in their own way and there’s plenty of content here despite the inevitable consideration of purchasing further content to what is an already expensive product. 

Figurine games seem to be the new fad with Skylanders, Pokemon RumbleU and now Disney Infinity all opting to use them. Disney Infinity’s figurine quality is absolutely stunning, all of which really capture the personalities of their particular character.

When digitised the characters retain the same charm you’d expect to see in a Disney movie which really brings out a sense of nostalgia. Unfortunately Disney Infinity does emphasise the modern Disney universe but we can always hope for new play sets that involve some classic Disney movies.

Exploring the various worlds you find yourself in is also a wonderful treat. The game doesn’t do character cross-overs, by that I mean only characters from their respective universe can be used in their particular play-set (unless you use the level creator where you can create your own adventure). Again the nostalgia factor is massive but these aren’t simply rip-off clones from the movies; there’s a sense of individual personality here too. 

Fans of Disney and collecting figurines will find a technically efficient and incredibly enjoyable game in Disney Infinity. While not the cheapest hobby, if you’re willing to invest in Disney Infinity, then you will be rewarded with a thoroughly enjoyable package. Saying that, the starter pack itself is brimming with content and even if you choose not to purchase any other characters, you can still get your money’s worth here. 

Editor’s note: The replay value really depends on your commitment to purchasing characters and play sets.

Gameplay: 8
Presentation: 9
Replay Value: 7
Verdict: 8

Igor Kharin

Disney Infinity at CeX

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