Monday, 30 September 2013

Lost Planet 3

“EDN III is a terrifying and hostile world where humans have no business being. The need to work in space to ensure Earth’s survival is a very stereotypical sci-fi concept and one that’s performed admirably here thanks to great story-telling and occasionally enjoyable gameplay.“

Lost Planet 3 continues the series’ intertwined combat mechanics of third-person shooting and mech-driving/brawling. It’s fair to say that while not revolutionary in any manner, Lost Planet 3’s gameplay at times can be very enjoyable, especially after the abysmal experience that was Lost Planet 2.

The third-person element is pretty mundane overall but the mech units spread throughout the game are a whole lot of fun to play with. As a result you’ll find yourself somewhat impatiently playing through the game waiting for these moments of greatness that frustratingly are buried amidst average gameplay.

Lost Planet 3 does boast some pretty impressive boss battles and set-piece elements, but again this is largely due to the mech units being a whole load of fun to wield – so it’s absolutely fair to conclude that from a gameplay perspective, there are moments of magic but just not enough consistency throughout.

The frozen planet of EDN III is the setting for this prequel story in the Lost Planet timeline. Snow effects and environments are impressive but bland because well, everything for the most part is white or grey. That’s not necessarily a fault with the game because that’s just where the game is set, but be ready for a whole load of snow on the screen.

The story is presented really well and is perhaps Lost Planet 3’s strongest feature: a believable main character and villain alike help keep you invested right to the end. Character models on the other hand fall behind the generally high standards set here; thankfully the wide variety of aliens and mech units help keep things looking sweet on your screen. 

If like myself you remember the release of the very first Lost Planet then you will recall the huge anticipation for what looked like the next big thing in third-person shooters. Lost Planet didn’t quite live up to those expectations and after a less than impressive sequel; it seemed the series was all but doomed. 

Lost Planet 3 desperately tries to swing the tide back into the series’ favour but without majorly overhauling the entire franchise and correcting the underlying issues, it’s hard to not see the same issues present themselves once again. Saying that, minor improvements result in an occasionally enjoyable experience, but one that will clearly be overshadowed by better third-person shooters on the market.

Gameplay: 5
Presentation: 6
Replay Value: 5
Verdict: 5.5

Igor Kharin.

Lost Planet 3 at CeX

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