Tuesday, 15 October 2013


“The best football simulator makes a graceful return once again. While not reinventing the wheel, FIFA 14 consolidates what we already know and love about the series, streamlining and improving the game’s fundamental areas and ultimately making it an even better experience.“

As a series FIFA has seen key changes over the past few years to player movement and physics. FIFA 14 doesn’t boast a key new feature, rather it smooths over an already brilliant package to make it even more action packed and rewarding.

In particular FIFA 14 boasts an unprecedented level of AI intelligence – players move appropriately, find pockets of space and attack in droves. Player models have a life-like feel about them as weight stands out as a key improvement with players shifting their body positions as they pick up speed or decide to change directions. These small touches help FIFA 14 feel even more fluid and offensively minded than its predecessor.

What would a FIFA game be without all the wonderful gameplay options available. Another key change comes in Ultimate Team with not only the menus streamlined but new RPG like elements introduced to your players to create chemistry in your team. On top of that awesome online game modes and season-style simulators make FIFA 14 every bit as action packed as you would expect.

As an overall package FIFA 14 is wholly impressive. Pre-match build up is even more exciting and clever while the commentary continues to improve and use information from constant updates giving you the latest player news.

Unfortunately the graphics have for the most part stayed the same on the pitch. In fact the improvement in player movement makes all non-gameplay elements of FIFA 14 look quite stale and robotic like the pre-match rituals for example. However, stadiums have now truly come to life with the crowds looking incredible and the arenas themselves dazzling your screen.

Just the fact that almost every single section of the FIFA series has been tweaked with for the better in this instalment shows the emphasis on presentation this time round and as a result, is a resounding success.

Once FIFA, always FIFA I hear some of you say. While it is still the best football simulator on the market and it does deserve your attention, it’s up to you to decide whether you’re tired of this formula or if there’s more here for you. I personally love this instalment, it looks great and feels wonderful and I will find it hard to believe if you don’t feel the same way.

Gameplay: 9
Presentation: 8
Replay Value: 10
Verdict: 9

Igor Kharin.

FIFA 14 at CeX

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