Thursday, 31 October 2013

Halloween Gaming Fright Fest

Today is Halloween dear friends and we thought we'd share with you some of the spookiest, scariest and most pants-browning games we've come across here at CeX towers, updated for 2013!

If you aren't out trick-or-treating tonight, or lobbing sweets at ravenous wide-eyed children, consider picking one of them up and scaring yourself silly.

5) Dead Space
When Dead Space first dropped people were skeptical of "zombies in space" but boy were they wrong. Dead Space proved to be a masterful marrying of Sci-Fi and horror the likes of which haven't been seen in gaming and film for a long time. Though the series still continues strong the lack of co-op and the first-time introduction of the Necromorphs solidifies Dead Space 1 as a true fright-fest. In space no one can hear you scream and, thankfully, crap yourself.

4) Condemned: Criminal Origins
What's scarier than investigating the crime scenes of a series deranged murders? How about having waves of insane hobos thrown at you in dark and claustrophobic dilapidated tenements, who call out to you from the dark and can be heard breathing heavily around the corner.

3) Resident Evil 4
In our opinion the pinnacle of the Resident Evil series. It marries the horror survival feel of the previous games with over the camera action, strangely making it more scarily as enemies lunge not just at the character but at you.

2) Outlast
One of the break-out indie hits this year Outlast sees your character, a reported who apparently never heard what killed the cat, visit an insane asylum that has lost contact with the outside world. Yes spooky insane asylums are a dime a dozen in video games but Outlast's masterful execution of oppressive atmosphere makes it a game that may end up sending you to an asylum yourself. Play it at your own risk.

1) Amnesia: The Dark Descent
A masterpiece and only for the hardiest of gamers. Amnesia: The Dark Descent still stands out as a beacon in a genre whose popularity has fluctuated in recent years and with good reason. A sinister story, engaging puzzles, terrifying enemies and a beautifully crafted look Amnesia: The Dark Descent even scares us more than its somewhat tamer sequel Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs. If you want to be scared into a coma so you can wake up when the next generation of arrives, this is for you.

So enjoy dear friends… if you dare >:)

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