Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Skylanders Swap Force

“One of gaming’s most beloved modern franchises returns to make its mark again with new figurines, an assortment of new ways to enjoy Skylanders and the continuation of a thoroughly entertaining story. Swapforce has everything fans of the series could want and more. “

The Gameplay:
There is something inherently addictive to collecting and Activision has hit the nail on the head with Skylanders. Players are required to use figurines and a portal to digitize plastic characters into the gaming world. While Swap Force like all other iterations of Skylanders comes with starting characters, if you want to unlock everything Swapforce has to offer, be prepared to purchase the assortment of characters that will eventually come out.

When the characters are digitized Swapforce plays much like a third-person hack-n-slash adventure. Although it is possible for the older gamer to enjoy what Swap Force has to offer, one can’t help but see the simplicity aimed at a younger generation of gamers. Swapforce does an excellent job offering other content in the form of questing and exploration, which certainly adds to the replay value here. 

Swap Force’s standout mechanic is the ability to swap pieces of characters with other parts – the special Swapforce figurines have detachable lower and upper bodies that can be combined with other parts in lots of different ways. This interesting physical mechanic brings stat and move changes to the in-game content; creating a strategic element that Swapforce desperately needed to keep the attention of more advanced gamers. However, the ability to implement this mechanic comes once again at the price of purchasing new figurines. 

The Presentation:

As a series Skylanders excels with its beautiful presentation. The creativity implemented in the making of Skylanders figures should be applauded – much like Pokemon it’s difficult to create a fictional monster that holds an affinity with gamers but it’s done to an incredibly high standard here. The variable cast blends well with the continuing story that holds your attention right to the end and leaves you wanting more.

The Verdict: 
Skylanders Swapforce ticks all the boxes of a successful sequel. Clever new figurines with an interesting swappable mechanic, intuitive puzzles, charming gameplay and a wonderful story all make this addition to the series a success. Unfortunately it’s up to you to work out the cost to fun ratio here because as much as this is a thoroughly entertaining experience, you’ll have to pay twice the game’s price and even over if you’re looking to get absolutely everything out of this experience. 

Gameplay – 7/10
Presentation – 9/10
Replay Value – 9/10
Verdict – 8/10

Igor Kharin.

Skylanders Swap Force at CeX

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