Sunday 1 December 2013

Win a PS4 or XBOX ONE with CeX


It's no secret that we love recycling here at CeX, it's at the very core of our ethos, and as our fans we know that you feel the same. As such we are holding The CeX Recycling Competition and giving you the chance to win some amazing prizes and show off some recycling creativity!


Show us a creative attempt at recycling. Your idea or one you've seen. Take a photo/draw a picture and submit it to us describing what it is and what it'd do.

Are you turning a PS3 into a grill? Have you drawn a machine that turns broccoli into Pokemon? Do you spend your time dreaming about riding your bin to the moon as a rocket or seen someone else do it? Upload it! You can submit photos or pictures and vote for your favourites every day until the 29th of November 2013.

*All legit recycling and awesome entries!*

Enter through our Facebook page, using your Facebook photos or images uploaded from your computer or mobile. You can also enter through Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #CeXComp.


The top prize will be the winner's choice of either a PS4 or Xbox One, with two runner-ups receiving CeX vouchers to the amount of £100/€120/$160/R9900/AUS$ 170, that they can use in any of our stores!

We'll pick 3 entries from a selection with the most votes to receive the prizes and announce them on the 2nd of December 2013, so get your friends, family and pets voting for your entry.


  • Anyone can enter, even your Granddad!
  • You can submit one image and vote each day.
  • CeX's decisions are final.
  • If the same image is uploaded more than once the duplicate entry may not be eligible to win.

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