Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Lego Marvel Super Heroes

“Much like how Kingdom Hearts took two beloved franchises and merged them into one glorious adventure, Lego Marvel Super Heroes is a culmination of the lovable humour, art and design of Lego accompanied by a Marvel comics coating. The result is nothing less than absolutely spectacular.“

The Gameplay:
The Lego gameplay formula works and as a result it’s a shame that not much has been changed from prior iterations like Lego Batman. Nevertheless, it’s not necessary the gameplay that shines here, rather the fantastic use of the Marvel Universe. Marvel Super Heroes portrays a very well designed story using the largest roster of heroes we’ve seen in a Lego game – paying homage to Marvel with clever humour, hilarious clichés and thoroughly enjoyable albeit simplistic combat.

With so much to explore, so many things to discover and such a roster to do it with – you’ll find Marvel Super Heroes takes you way past its initial campaign and has you frolicking across Manhattan finding all it has to offer.  

The Presentation:
By far Marvel Super Heroes’ strongest suit is the presentation. Lego have always been known for their excellent humour and use of franchises and this is another example of that. Characters, but more importantly, their personalities are replicated here to utter perfection – from the sarcastic jibes of Spiderman to the quick wittedness of Tony Stark’s Iron man to the bluntness of Hulk – the cast is colourful and full of life.

Intertwined with the impressive character roster is a well-told story built in a well-designed assortment of environments. This isn’t Lego City but it’s the perfect size for your Marvel Super Heroes adventure. 

The Verdict: 
The beauty of reviewing a game by Traveler’s Tales is they are so gloriously simple. The game looks brilliant, plays well, is funny and a whole load of fun. It has tonnes of content and plenty of replay value to boot – what more do you want man?!

Gameplay – 7/10
Presentation – 10/10
Replay Value – 9/10
Verdict – 8/10

Igor Kharin.

Lego Marvel Super Heroes at CeX

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