Friday, 29 November 2013

PS4 Hands On Impressions

One of our lucky lot here at CeX Towers managed to get his hands on a PS4 last week, needless to say we're all super jealous. So far he's had this to say:

The Controller: 
I really can't explain how huge of an upgrade this is. Comfortable, light, pretty. The headphone jack is amazing, I can play all night and not worry about waking anyone up. Its battery life isn't spectacular, which is the only downside. The touchpad is much cooler/more useful than expected.

I know it's getting some hate, but I don't mind it. It's certainly a HUGE upgrade from the PS3. A bit clunky, but that should improve quickly. The share feature is neat and the Playstation Store is actually usable!

It all looks much nicer in person and it runs pretty silent, compared to other consoles I've played it's so tiny. The download speeds are way, way better than PS3 and install time is super quick. Tablet integration is pretty good. Hibernate mode is cool.

I bought Killzone, it's pretty generic - but it looks so nice I don't mind, I expected more from the flagship launch title though. The free games that come with PS+ are good, Resogun is way better than it should be!

I am happy. 

"I love the triggers - I'm basically totally in love with the controller and I'm very surprised about it."

"Knack is FAR AND AWAY the best game. Feel free to judge me."

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