Friday, 27 December 2013

CeX's Games of the Year, 8 – 10

Happy run-up to 2014 CeX fans and welcome to our round up of the best 2013 had to offer. Over the next 4 days we will reveal our list of what we consider to be the finest, most entertaining and downright incredible titles 2013 served up, culminating in our top Game of the Year 2013.

After the immensely successful reincarnation of Mortal Kombat there was little doubt that Injustice, NetherRealm’s take on DC Comic’s super heroes, was going to be something special and boy it didn’t disappoint.

Translating a host of characters that have never been in video games before into a complex, challenging and thoroughly entertaining brawler couldn’t have been an easy task but there simply wasn’t a more perfect group of developers to take on this challenge. Injustice provided an engaging story, which is incredibly rare for fighting games, while also serving up tantalising combat that had your favourite heroes perform iconic moves in iconic battles.

Ultimately Injustice: God’s Among Us is a unique brawler that welcomes novices, intermediates and veteran fighting fans alike, something that goes a long way in the brawler genre. With an incredible story mode, brimming with content and fan service all in one fantastic package, it’s difficult not to see Injustice: God’s Among Us as a highlight of 2013.

The Pokemon franchise has been at the heart of Nintendo gaming since the 1990’s and it’s absolutely no surprise how much global success Pikachu and his buddies have had. Pokemon X & Y set a new standard for Pokemon games – the first in the series to completely revamp the games’ age-old graphics and use the Nintendo 3DS’s full power to bring the creatures out of the handheld screen and the result was staggering.

Pokemon games always bring out the kid inside gamers and it’s no surprise that from the word go Pokemon X & Y draws you into the world you loved growing up, while at the same time presenting you with new experiences, ideas and gameplay mechanics that make this adventure feel fresher than ever.

While it may not have been the reimagining die-hard Pokemon fans have been waiting for, it’s absolutely a step in the right direction towards that ever-elusive open world, 3D adventure, Pokemon game fans all over the world are dreaming about. For the time being however, enjoy a beautiful new world, a whole host of new Pokemon and most importantly, fantastic new connection options that have made this Pokemon adventure global.

Rayman Legends, which can possibly be described as platforming perfection, not only redefines what’s expected from a great platformer but also provides something that seems to be dying in modern gaming – local cooperative gameplay.

After Rayman Origins created such a buzz it was hard to see how Legends could top such an awesome hit. Fortunately good things don’t need to change much and that’s the case here. Legends builds upon the fantastic gameplay, incredible balance, creativity and fun that was Origins and takes it that one step further.

The result of course is utter perfection, especially when played with friends. Legends shines during the four player local coop (5 players if you’re on WiiU) which  gets everyone, no matter what age or skill level, involved and having a blast. Creating this atmosphere in your living room is no easy task but we have an excellent example of the perfect party game to engross a group of gamers.

Perhaps the most impressive thing about Rayman Legends is its ability to constantly reinvent ways to show off what you’d probably consider not to be new or innovative content. Rayman Legends’ spin on things is refreshing and utterly hilarious – making it a worthy addition to our list of 2013’s best.

Igor Kharin.

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