Wednesday, 11 December 2013

PlayStation 4 Review

“We had to wait a little bit longer for the PlayStation 4 but it’s finally here – an incredibly sleek console that shows off powerful hardware, a streamlined interface, decent launch games, all backed by a whole host of independent and high profile developers.”

The Machine:
The PlayStation 4 is a beautiful looking machine – small and streamlined it really depicts the notion of making technology convenient to fit around a multitude of other devices. Turning it on it’s clear to see a big improvement on the PlayStation 3 with a very smooth user interface that makes it clear where you need to be for your specific choice of entertainment. A host of applications, music, media and TV will all be fully available to make the PlayStation 4 a multimedia hub in your living room.

If you purchase the camera then you will have the ability to control your machine through voice-commands – but the fluidity of the interface makes controller use no issue at all.

The Controller:
Although the Dualshock 4 is a clear improvement on its predecessor, I am still sceptical on the new design. The controller has been elongated for easier handling and slit grips have been added to concaved thumb-sticks to avoid slipping. The triggers have been redesigned and feel a lot nicer and a new touchpad has been added in the middle that also acts as a button itself. Despite all the positives, I can’t help but feel the new controller lacks a certain level of professionalism that can be found somewhere else. For example, giant lights on top of your controller indicate what player you are (like the PlayStation Move controllers did) and it makes it look more like a Jedi Sabre as opposed to a serious gaming controller. I think ultimately everyone will have to get their hands on the controller and decide for themselves but I’m still not sold.

The Games: 
Sony definitely got hit with a sucker punch when it was announced that WatchDogs and Drive Club were going to be delayed and no longer launch titles. This left the PlayStation 4 with Killzone: Shadowfall, Knack and a host of cross-platform titles like Call of Duty: Ghosts, FIFA 14 and Battlefield 4. Fortunately for Sony, their amazing relationships with indie developers created a few gems on launch day in the PlayStation Store, including Resogun and Contrast (both of which are FREE if you become a PlayStation Plus member). So while the launch line up was definitely lacking, it’s fair to say that the console’s incredible power makes cross-platform games look and play very well and Sony’s relationship with indie developers potentially bought them some time to get more games out during this launch window.

The Machine: 9/10
The Controller: 7/10
The Games: 7/10
Verdict: 7.5/10

Igor Kharin

PlayStation 4 at CeX

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