Friday 10 January 2014

CeX Recycling Competition Winners!

Well just look at that smiling happy face, congratulations again Santiago, and game on good buddy!

Hey CeX fans!

Our Recycling Competition has come to an end and we've picked the lucky winners. First up are our 2 runners-up who each win a £100 voucher, useable in store or online at

Congratulations to Pablo for his submission of a console nativity scene, we loved it and might recreate it here at CeXTowers for Xmas! And congratulations Jonathan for his submission of a RAM Chair, looks cool but it's probably as comfortable as a throne made of swords!

As for first place, drum roll please!

The winner and lucky individual who will receive the next-gen console of his choice is Santiago with his submission of PS3 pad coat hangers, now you know what to do with your old DualShock3s!

Thanks to everyone who entered, and stay tuned for more competitions in the future!

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