Friday, 21 February 2014

Moto G XT1032

This week I've been playing around with a new outing from Motorola, it's budget line smartphone, the Moto G XT1032.

For those expecting a list of specs and technical jargon, you're in the wrong place. Whats it like and how it works, that what you want to know isn't it? Of course it is! ;-)

Visually the phone is beautiful, like the beloved offspring of a Galaxy S4 and a Google Nexus.  
Both its weight and dimensions make it comfortable to carry and easy to use whilst still giving it ample screen size for a decent view of the world and beyond.

It's a Google device, and as such comes with all the latest trimmings. The ultra modern Kit Kat operating system gives you Gmail, Hangouts, Drive, Chrome, Playstore and Maps at your fingertips. The transition between screens is quick, as is the app loading time.

For the music lovers amongst you, The headphone audio output is LOUD, making the commute to and from the daily grind a lot easier to bear.

Front and rear cameras are adequate for a portable device.  It's a budget phone, you're not going to get the quality of the new Lumia Series. The exposure and image quality are displayed in the attached photo, and i must say for a 5MP device and taken in the gale force conditions of winter time Newcastle, i'm happy with the result.

The phone is let down by a lack of expandable memory, the ability to put a 64GB Micro SD into this thing would have really made it a force to be reckoned with,or at the very least giving it a larger internal memory than the 8GB it has to offer.  I like music, i like videos, I like photos so I don't want to have to back my phone memory up once a week.

It's not the greatest Android phone on the market, you get what you pay for folks, but it is definitely way up there in the value for money category. If you keep up the good Motorola the folks at HTC, Sony and Samsung are going to have to watch their backs.

Grant C.

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