Saturday, 1 March 2014

CeX opens in Portugal!

Hoje é um fantástico dia para os fãs da CeX. Estamos extasiados por te anunciar que a nossa marca chegou finalmente a Portugal. Wahoooo!

Didn't get that? OK, here's the translation. Great news, we're opening CeX in Oporto, making Portugal the seventh Country to join the CeX revolution!

The first CeX store in Portugal is located at  Rua de Santa Catarina 480 in Oporto, thirty seconds from Bolhão Metro.

To follow our story head over to our Portugal Facebook page, Twitter and our blog for updates. We're also beavering away to get up and running for Portugal.

Here's a sneaky peak of CeX Oporto as the team were working into small hours last Friday night to get everything just right.  

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