Monday, 17 March 2014

Robocop (Remastered)

With the disappointing remake of Robocop still stinking up the room, the original version not only blows it out of the water, but also still stands up as one of the best action films to date. But while there have been a few versions and cuts of the film so far, the latest remastered director's cut aims to deliver the best, most definitive Robocop experience to date. And you know what? It does all of that and more.

Robocop focuses on Alex Murphy, a new cop on the beat on the streets of future Detroit. It's a place in which murder, rape, robbery and violent crimes are an hourly occurrence, and mega corporation OCP have an idea on how to cleanse the city. They're idea is “robocop”; the merging of man and machine with the aim of creating an unstoppable cop on the streets. But they need a body, a dead body, in fact, and this is where Murphy comes in. After being horrifically gunned down by a gang of merciless thugs helmed by the homicidal Clarence Boddicker, Murphy’s remains are taken by OCP, torn apart and partially reconstructed within a robotic body. With his former partner Lewis still able to recognise him, Murphy, now known as Robocop, must not only seek out the very men who killed him, but also comes to terms with his former life and remaining humanity.

But wait, right now there's loads of you out there who are thinking, “But I already know the story of Robocop! What does this remastered version have that I haven't seen before?” And that's the right question you should be asking, because it contains loads of extra material.

4K remastered picture: 4K is basically mega HD, and with this type of remastering applied to Robocop, the result is an extremely clear, sharp and truly epic viewing experience. From the scratches on Robocops body during the finale, Emil getting splattered into sludge by Robocop’s cruiser to an overall beautiful clarity throughout, you have never seen Robocop like this before. It's a much, much clearer picture than the 2007 release too, and if only for this, very much worth the price tag!

Flesh and Steel: The Making of Robocop: A 36-minute documentary that details the making of the film. It's in-depth, interviews as many people as possible and is a refreshingly open and candid documentary on the making of this masterpiece. 

Q&A: Recorded at UCLA’s James Bridges Theater in 2012, this Q&A reunites many of the films key players including director Paul Verhoeven, visual effects genius Phil Tippet and Robocop himself, Peter Weller. Though the recording itself here isn't the best, this extra does cover a lot of interesting ground and is a must-see for any self respecting Robo-fan.

In Special Effects: Then and Now: An 18-minute breakdown of the special effects behind Robocop, one of its lasting appeals that, even to this day, look incredibly impressive. From robot designs, matte-paintings to the stop motion wizardry of ED-209, it's a great breakdown of Robocop visual glory.

The Boardroom: Storyboard with Commentary from Animator Phil Tippett: A very, very short clip that allows Phil Tippet to walk the audience through the making of the infamous scene in which ED-209 malfunctions and horrifically kills a member of OCP. While short, this segment is extremely interesting, as Tippet talks about how he utilised techniques crafted by stop motion legend Ray Harryhausen.

Villains of Detroit: An excellent retrospective that purely focuses on the villains of the film. From the absolutely fucking insane Clarence who put the final bullet in Murphy’s head to Bob Morton, the sleazy member of OCP who vows to take over the company, this extra on the Blu-Ray is full of laughs as the actors reminisce about their scenes.

Robocop: Creating a Legend: An in-depth and superb documentary that takes the viewer through the creation of Robocop himself. From Peter Weller talking about how to approached the robotic movements of the character to the creation of the suit itself, this part of the Blu-Ray, which is pretty much the main focus of the extras, could have been longer but is a terrific exposé on what made the metal character so memorable.

All of this content alongside a directors commentary, TV spot, trailer and a hilarious hidden Easter egg makes for an epic bundle of Robo-awesomeness! 

As most of you know the film itself is absolutely incredible, and a marvel of entertainment that mixes a touching quest for forgotten humanity along with a whole slew of social commentary and, most importantly, extremely badass action! But this is the most definitive version of Robocop so far and probably ever. You need to watch this. Thank you for your cooperation. 

“I'd buy that for a dollar!” Robocop gets a perfect 5/5, []

Denis Murphy

Robocop Remastered at CeX

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