Tuesday 15 April 2014

inAPPropriate Comedy

You know those films that are “so bad they're good”? Troll 2, Samurai Cop, Battlefield Earth, Plan 9 From Outer Space, Star Crash and many more fall into this category. And I love them! Sometimes there's nothing better than sitting back with some friends and watching a film so bad, so utterly dreadful, that it's just completely hilarious. You know, like the equivalent of watching a train crash... that's full of clowns. I came to inAppropriate Comedy assuming that it would be one of those films, but I was wrong. Very wrong. Instead I got what I believe is the worst film ever created. A film so unfunny that it's genuinely devoid of likeability and humour. Beware.

Directed by Vince Offer aka the “ShamWow guy”, yes, the guy who pitches the damn ShamWow product in those commercials, comes inAPPropriate Comedy on BluRay and DVD. OK, right off the bat you know this ain't going to be pretty, right? The sheer idea that Vince Offer is even connected to this film instantly destroys its credibility. The film basically jumps from sketch to sketch through a narrative about a computer tablet that has been loaded with offensive apps (get it? InAPPropriate Comedy! Vince Offer does it again, man). Each and every sketch is awful, but despite how terrible it all is, it shockingly contains actors you've actually seen before. In fact, one of them is an Oscar winner...

Every sketch is awful, but here are the worst.

Flirty Harry:Andrian Brody, yes, Oscar Winner Adrian Brody, plays a character called Flirty Harry, a cop who basically talks in innuendo. Classic lines such as “I don't think you understand, those boys were packing heat. As soon as I came those assholes opened up”, and “If I’m going down... I’m going down hard”. Yeah, that noise you can hear is the tumbleweed blowing past your feet. Needless to say the sketch thinks it's hilarious, but ends up being deafeningly unfunny and a complete and utter waste of film. Hang your head in shame Mr.Brody. Predators was bad enough, but now you need to give your Oscar back I think. 

The Amazing Racist:
Starring “comedian” Ari Shaffir as The Amazing Racist, this sketch is a take on hidden camera pranks but taken very far. Ari dresses like a slave owner and offers to bring African Americans “back to Africa”, trying to tempt them with incredibly racist incentives like a basketball and fried chicken. I'm one of those people who can laugh at anything as long as it's funny and is not done in an exceptionally mean way, but here it's just repugnant and humourless. Whether the people he's speaking to are actors or not, it just comes across as strikingly racially insulting. Of course, Ari did this bit long before and after inAPPropriate Comedy, and while most of his stuff seems insanely fake and staged, he always manages to come across as an absolute zero in the comedy world and a complete waste of a human. Soul destroying stuff.

The Porno Review:
Starring Michelle Rodriguez and Rob Schneider, this sketch features them reviewing various porn clips for a show akin to Siskel and Ebert. I generally have no problem with Michelle Rodriguez, but how many times are we to be subjected to the comedy stylings of Rob Schneider? Seriously, it's getting to the point where it feels like Chinese water torture. He was funny 15 years ago, but he's like a stray cat once you feed it, IT KEEPS COMING BACK!! Unbearable.

Overall I can't stress enough how bad inAPPropriate Comedy is. Seriously, it is quite literally the worst film I have ever, ever witnessed in my life. I sat there through its entirety without so much as a smirk on my face. It's an absolute abomination and mistake of a film. I only wish it could be unmade. 

inAPPropriate Comedy is the first sign of the apocalypse and gets a 1/5, [★☆☆☆☆]. Do not want.

Denis Murphy

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