Wednesday, 9 July 2014

That Awkward Moment

Before watching That Awkward Moment, I knew practically nothing about the plot - just that it starred Zac Efron as one of 3 male protagonists. Naturally, I assumed then, that it would be a typical guys' comedy, with booze, boobs and relentless sex jokes; and, to some extent, it kind of is. However, the film also falls rather squarely into the category of a romcom, with a heavily romantic storyline throughout.

Centered around three close friends, played by Zac Efron, Micheal B. Jordan and Miles Teller, the story begins when one of the trio, Mikey, finds out his wife has been cheating and wants a divorce. In an effort to cheer up their friend, the other two drag him on a guy’s night out, filled with booze and, as you might expect, the hope of hooking up with a girl. The following day, thrilled with the success of the night before, the trio make a pact to all remain single for as long as possible. Thus far, you'd be forgiven for just assuming this was just another cliched guys' comedy film, as there's hardly a female protagonist in sight, save for the trio's sexual conquests, and more penis jokes than you can shake a penis-shaped stick at. However, the film surprises and goes an altogether more classy route, as the three of them find themselves sucked into relationships, and dragged away from their bacheloresque lifestyle.

For the most part, the film was enjoyable. The three characters' story-lines all run side-by-side, so there are very few lulls in the pacing throughout, and it manages to remain interesting enough to keep a viewer engaged. Unfortunately, the film doesn't stretch too far outside of its own comfort zone, and save for a few scenes that were undeniably quirky, fun and, occasionally, genuinely romantic and sweet, nothing particularly stands out from the crowd.

The biggest issue with the film, however, is that it isn't at all clear who its intended demographic is. The style of the humour seems to be in complete juxtaposition to the degree of romance in the film. If you drew a venn diagram of Those who thoroughly enjoy penis jokes and Those who frequently weep over Ryan Gosling in The Notebook, then the awkward intersection of the two would be this film's target audience. Now, I enjoyed it, so perhaps I fit into this narrow little group, but it ultimately feels like it's a romcom for Bros; a Bromcom, if you will, and I'm not entirely sure that's a demographic that really exists.

Despite this, the film has a certain charm about it that make it a worthwhile watch. The plot will occasionally force a smile onto your face, and its backed up with some lovely visuals and scenes of New York (yes, a romcom in New York, how creative?). It won't necessarily become anyone's instant favourite film of all time, and probably won't earn itself a long-term spot in your film collection. However, if you have a blank spot in your schedule an hour and a half long, and want to completely shut your brain cells off for a little while, That Awkward Moment is a sweet, fun and charming little comedy.

The Awkward Moment gets a lighthearted 4/5.


Adam Freeman

That Awkward Zombie at CeX

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