Tuesday, 22 July 2014

The Samsung Galaxy Gear [SM-V700]

It seems Smartphones are no loner, or soon to be no longer, the new kid on the block. Right now we're witnessing the rise of the SmartWatch, yet another device that'll eventually replace the now ancient time keeper on your wrist. Though the concept is still technically in its infancy, if this piece of kit is considered early days, it's a very good sign indeed. There's a few different types of Smartphones currently on the market, and while I can't speak for the rest of them yet, the Samsung Galaxy Gear SM-V700 is a beautiful piece of innovation.

First off, a lot of what makes SmartWatches so good is the fact that they can sync up with your SmartPhone, which ultimately lets you enjoy features and apps across both devices. Sure, technically you don't need a Samsung Smartphone to use the SM-V700, but to enjoy its full potential I'd highly advise that only Samsung users need apply. In the long run you'll get more out of the device. Visually the SM-V700 is stunning. Sleek and smartly designed, the surprising thing about it is the fact that it looks far more fragile than it actually is. At a first glance you'll be wondering if the SM-V700 could withstand all the wear and tear of daily life. Thankfully, once it's on your wrist those fears fade away, as it ends up feeling incredibly secure, though not large and bulky. The face of the watch has fantastic crystal clear clarity, while the fully adjustable rubber strap hugs the wrist comfortable.

Powered by Android, the SM-V700 is simple to navigate through. Simply using your finger to swipe though the options available, the typical choices are on offer here; Notifications, Voice Memo, Photo Gallery, Music, Pedometer, S Voice, Settings and Apps. The initial options are quite standard, but using S Voice to compose messages and generally interact with and control your device is especially welcome. The Photo Gallery comes into play after using the built-in camera, which is instantly accessible when you swipe down on the screen. The camera resolution quality is 1.9 megapixels, which considering its discreet positioning on the wristband, is pretty much perfect. You can also record 15 seconds of footage, and while it's quite a disappointment that the device can't record for longer at any one time, it's a welcomed addition to the overall package.

Connected to a Samsung Smartphone, the SM-V700 impresses even with the simplest of features. For instance, through it’s wireless connectivity you can control the music player on your Smartphone with the flick of a finger. Also, if you happen to lose your phone somewhere nearby (behind the cushions on the couch, anyone?), there's a feature on your phone that will make your SM-V700 light up and send out an alarm. Through Gear Manager on your SmartPhone plenty more device-to device-options can be fiddled around with, including a few that change the visual design on your SM-V700's interface.

It's a big purchase, sure, but if you're even considering buying this then you're certainly in the market for a SmartWatch, as opposed to making a frivolous purchase. I really can't speak for other SmartWatches out there, but with the SM-V700 you get the entire package, both technically and aesthetically. You may have just found a replacement for that old sun dial that's been sitting on your wrist for the past few years.

The Samsung Galaxy Gear SM-V700 does more than tells time and gets a 4/5.


Denis Murphy

GRID Autosport at CeX

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