Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Buy & Sell with Bitcoin Now Live in 30+ UK CeX Stores & more to come!

Back in May 2014 we were proud to be the first national UK retailer who adopted the popular digital Bitcoin, adding it to to allowing you buy with and sell for Bitcoin online. We also started trialling Bitcoin in CeX Glasgow Sauchiehall StreetToday, we're excited to roll out the ability to buy and sell with Bitcoin in over 30 UK stores nationwide, with plans to extend it to more of our 265+ UK stores and beyond.

Got games you don't play any more or a DVD you've seen 100 times? Got an old phone or tablet you don't use anymore? As of today you can now easily trade them in for Bitcoin in person at the following locations:


You can also visit our Glasgow Sauchiehall Street and Manchester Arndale stores and use our dedicated Bitcoin vending machines to convert your money straight into Bitcoin!

What is Bitcoin?
Put very simply, it is a new form of money that works extremely well on the Internet and in stores. Check out the following videos for more info:

Is it easy to use?
Yes. It's much easier than other online payment systems. In many cases you simply click a link and confirm that the transaction is correct. On smartphones people tend to use QR codes because it's easier.

Getting started with Bitcoin
The first thing you need to do is to get yourself a Bitcoin wallet.  This is the equivalent of getting a physical wallet to hold your new coins but digitally.  Don't fear though, it only takes a couple of minutes and typically requires just your email address and a nice secure password.

A good place to start is one of the two major online wallet providers are and

Getting Bitcoins
Now that you have your wallet, you are ready to get some Bitcoins.  You can sell your stuff to us via our website, and we will send you some Bitcoins.  If you prefer to get your Bitcoins elsewhere, you can also buy from online Bitcoin merchants.  A few notable websites where you can buy Bitcoins are:

Spending Bitcoin
So you got yourself some coins, right?  How about buying some DVDs or a nice shiny phone from us? If you are looking to spend them elsewhere, have a look at all the places that accept your Bitcoins at Spend Bitcoins! Here are some ideas though:

Get some delicious takeaways
Book some plane tickets
To da mooon….with Virgin Galactic

Want to know more? Visit the UK Digital Currency Association splendid guide here.

Get your daily CeX at

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