Friday, 28 November 2014

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare PS3 XB360

Out now on PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC is Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. The first thing I noticed about Advanced Warfare on PS3 is that I should have been playing it on a PS4. The cut-scenes are utilising the Avatar motion capture for Kevin Spacey’s face (or Kevin Facey if you would prefer), and on PS3 you're left winding up your Playstation 3 graphics chip with a winch just so see what is only a slightly more sophisticated version of the paddle in Pong with Kevin Spacey written on it. I suddenly started to regret giving my PS4 to Matt last Christmas. Every cut-scene from here on in feels like every PS4 owner individually rubbing their high frame rate testicles in your eye sockets. 

The actual first thing that will come to your attention here is that the game is now based, initially at least, in the not too distant future. This depends of course on your opinion of ‘too distant’. Without breaking any rules that we understand to be true in science, the game feels like a Robert Heinlein novel but with a lot less incestuous yet sexy time travelling weird paradox stuff. He invented the word Space-Marine. Did you know that?

The game feels like Modern Warfare but just a small bit into the future, just men with guns and bombs but also strapped with exoskeletons that allow them to perform faster and more efficiently. This exoskeleton also allows my character to slowly glide down from high areas, or to double jump over buses and the like. Featuring swarms of drones to make it feel futuristic but also things going wrong and sushi shops to make it feel real and authentic.  After some events that caused my character to be hired by a ‘super-power for higher’ named Atlas, Kevin Spacey starts to make it all seem very futuristic. Grenades that show where enemies are standing, grenades that follow people as they try to run away, the ability to slow down time and whole training areas like the holodeck from Star Trek. 

There were levels that made me think of the game Fear, and some that made me think of Halo even some that made me think of stabbing myself in the eyes out of frustration because I'm really shit at Call of Duty. This didn't help when I went online within minutes of the game being released, to find out that all of America and England have become teenagers and highly skilled tacticians. I played a bit of co-op which was like a more involved Tower Defence game, as I just waited for streams of enemies to pop out of nowhere and annihilate me and make love to my lifeless corpse. Metaphorically. It’s a bit like the Zombies levels from previous games though the multiplayer maps are much more generous with space and design I think. Apparently you can unlock interesting things if you survive enough, but my friend is as bad at Call of Duty games as I am, if not amusingly worse.

The campaign mode is really fun though, making me feel like I was James Bond one minute, and then investigating a school in Silent Hill the next. There were minute moments of stealth, not like Metal Gear Solid, but the level of tension you get when two people go for the last biscuit on a plate at the same time in a posh event somewhere. A posh event that has biscuits on a plate. 

Sledgehammer Games have taken the reigns on this one as Infinity Ward decided they had made enough Black Ops/ Modern Warfare games I assume, and it feels the same but different.  Like when you accidentally sleep with your ex girlfriend one drunken night. Or when you get her to dress up as Liam Neeson so you can pretend you are the wife from Taken. Which we’ve all done. The cut-scenes are superb and the game really deserves to be played on a PS4 or an XBOX One (but a PS4 really, obviously). There are a few bugs in the PS3 version I played, such as NPC team mates suddenly doing a somersault and swan diving through the floor when I accidentally shot them which was awesome, but unintentional. The team AI is really good as they don’t just shoot mercilessly near all the enemies while you have to take them all out yourself, which makes it feel more like a team instead of like the A Team. I imagine these PS3/360 versions are polite releases and money based decisions because they play very well but every cut-scene just makes you feel like such a dick when you go back to playing the game.  Like if you were getting your girlfriend to dress up as Liam Neeson and then realised you don’t have a girlfriend and you’ve just closed yourself in a DVD box and have to go to the hospital.

I’m gonna give it a 4/5 as PS3 games go, but I think it’s about time I move away from last gen machines.


Dave Roberts

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