Saturday 27 December 2014

Into The Storm

Every winter the news accidentally forgets that it’s the news and not the weather and posts countless photos of weather onto our screens, usually snow.  Men in snow. Snow in men. Snowmen in women. Goats eating the carrots from a snowman’s face. It’s stupid, but when there’s a lot of weather it’s very interesting to some people. A lot of snow in London, isn’t the same as a lot of snow to an Eskimo.  A lot of wind to Winnie The Pooh isn’t the same as a lot of wind in Silverton.  Out now on BluRay and DVD is Into the storm, the Silverton story and it is a film about wind. (A Very Blustery Day is the Winnie The Pooh one, if you’re interested. It is also a film about wind but with heffalumps and woozles).

Into the storm concerns a small group of people trying to film their last days at school before going off to college. There are lots of emotions running high because the father of the central family is a bit of a bell-end and doesn’t enjoy having children anymore now that he has to do all the work since his wife died.  There are also a group of over zealous wind chasers who want nothing more than to make a documentary about wind. They act like they're making a documentary about partying with Mötley Crüe or something, because they seem to think that wind is intrinsically both very interesting and their path to riches. So long tedious story short, the wind gets really windy and starts destroying bits and pieces of everywhere in Silverton. There's a guy called Jacob, who is nervous about filming wind and he has a pretty girlfriend, and they have a life together and you know from the second that he is reminded of these things that he is definitely going to die. Now if I were to see a pillar of fire tearing a city in half I would run away as fast as I could, but Jacob decided to run at the pillar of fire faster than an Israelite escaping Egypt. (Exodus 13:21-22). He’s really annoying though. And you may say to yourself “Jacob the pleasure in watching you die is what I will get.” (Exodus - Lesson in Violence - From the album Bonded by Blood.) Pretty proud of that joke yes siree bob.

The people in the film are simply a conduit giving the ‘found footage’ element a reason to progress past or towards more wind.  While I’m on that note though, is the found footage thing not supposed to imply that this has actually occurred somewhere?  I mean we definitely would’ve heard about this if it had, I don’t think they would spend so much time dedicated to the mistakes famous teenagers do with their lives if there had been some actual tragedy going in the world do you?

Is there such a thing as wind porn? If there is, this is it.  A massive amount of tornadoes join together like some windy power rangers creating a massive wind tube. It destroys everything in the way but surprisingly kills very few people considering it rips through a school aggressively, at one point it dresses up as an man from the electric board, and robs a pensioner’s house because she didn’t ask for his ID, but really the only thing destroyed by the wind was stupid material possessions like food and shelter.

I don’t think there has ever before been a film about a Twister or a Tornado! Or a Category 7: The End of the world. I’m not sure what the correct term for a lot of wind is now. I enjoyed it for what it was, which was a film about wind, and lots of it was quite unbelievable but at least it was original. I wouldn’t watch it again and I would be embarrassed if anyone told me it was their favourite film. Unless I had asked them ‘What is your favourite film about wind that came out in 2014’.

Into the Storm gets a breezy 3/5.


Dave Roberts

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