Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Pressie Guide: Tantalising Tech

It's getting close to Christmas and you still haven't bought that special someone their gift, right? Well, put away that one-way plane ticket to Mexico and listen up! CeX is here to help you in your time of need, so here's your buying guide for all things tech.

Oculus Rift

Why should I buy it?: Technically the finished consumer version isn't out yet, but the second version of the development kit (DK2) landed earlier this year. Essentially the Oculus Rift is the a virtual reality headset, but what stands it apart from previous efforts since the early 90's is that it actually works. From every head movement, lean and tilt, the Oculus Rift delivers a perfect stereoscopic image to the viewer in real-time. This excellent piece of kit put you into the game like never before, and as someone who has tried it, I can safely say that this is the future of gaming, and perhaps even entertainment itself.

Who should I buy it for?: This is primarily for the hardcore PC gamer. Being a development kit it's not exactly user friendly yet, so whoever receives this in their stocking should be knowledgeable about PCs, and not just simply the kind of person who sees a PC as a Facebook machine.

iPhone 6/iPhone 6 Plus

Why should I buy it?: Another year, another upgrade of the iPhone. While some people are happy with keeping their phones for a few years before upgrading, it's getting to the point now where phones are advancing in leaps and bounds every year. The iPhone 6 is arguable the pinnacle of smartphone market right now. Packing some pretty excellent and powerful hardware inside it's ultra thin case, Apple have blew the competition out of the water yet again.

Who should I buy it for?: You already know the answer to this, right? While anyone would love a new phone for Christmas, this will especially go down well with the Apple fanatic in your life. While Apple fanatics will simply want it because, well, it's an Apple product, thankfully it's also a pretty nice piece of kit to boot.

PS Vita Slim

Why should I buy it?: The PS Vita had a rough start, but can we all stop acting as if it doesn't have any worthwhile games? While I'm all for it's competitor, the Nintendo 3DS, the PS Vita is the most powerful hand-held gaming device out there right now, and has an ever growing library of games that is making some waves. Granted Sony themselves seem to be losing interest in it, but it's a hand-held that gets overlooked far too often. From games such as Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Gravity Rush and Assassin's Creed: Liberation backing it up, the PS Vita Slim is console gaming in the palm of your hands.

Who should I buy it for?: Buy it for the gamer in your life that doesn't want to spend all their time in front of a TV. Whether it's gaming on the train, in the back of a car on a long journey or on a break at work, the PS Vita Slim is for the gamer who wants to game when they're not, well, gaming.

Samsung Galaxy Gear

Why should I buy it?: Smartwatches are the new thing, apparently. Though I'm pretty sceptical to some degree of how they may take off, after (briefly) getting my hands on the Samsung Galaxy Gear, I see certainly see the potential. With features that cover everything from making and receiving calls, sending messages, music, health and exercise, if worn and used daily, the Samsung Galaxy Gear could become an integral piece of tech in your life.

Who should I buy it for?:
This is for the person in your life who wants/needs to be on the cutting edge of technology. The smartphone market is completely new. It may work out and it may not, but one thing is certain, any tech savvy person out there will want this strapped to their wrist come Christmas day.

LaCie RuggedKey

Why should I buy it?: You should buy it because it's the only stocking filler in the world that can withstand a 100m drop. That's right, this USB, that comes in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB storage sizes, is pretty much indestructible. Sure, it's not exactly a smartphone, smartwatch or futuristic virtual reality headset, but the LaCie RuggedKey is a pretty nifty piece of tech.

Who should I buy it for?: This is for the PC user that just doesn't want to just back up their information, but also wants to keep it ultra safe. They may never have to put the 100m drop claim to the test, but you can never be too sure!

iPad Mini 3

Why should I buy it?: What's not the like about an iPad, seriously? It's that grey area between a PC/Laptop and a smartphone, and is possibly Apples best piece of tech since the original iPod. It's sleek, fast, powerful and is quickly becoming an essential for many techy and non-techy people out there.

Who should I buy it for?:  It's for the gamer who wants to chill out and play on the couch. It's for the writer you wants to jot down some ideas on the go. It's for the student who needs to study, but isn't anywhere near a PC. It's for the person who wants to merely browse Facebook and chat to friends. So anyone, really.

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