Friday 23 January 2015

5 Most Anticipated Movies of 2015

No one is disputing that 2014 wasn't a great year for movies. Boyhood, The Grand Budapest Hotel, Birdman, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Guardians of the Galaxy, Interstellar, Foxcatcher and Gone Girl are just a tiny few of the movies that impressed throughout 2014. However, as good of a year it was for movies, 2015 looks like it already has it beat. Seriously, 2015 is going to rock.

5- Crimson Peak

The first Guillermo del Toro film I ever saw was The Devil's Backbone. It was on late one night on Channel 4 and after watching it I was hooked on his style. Set amid the Spanish Civil War, The Devil's Backbone follows a young boy who is placed into an orphanage after his father is killed in combat. While that would be a scary time for any kid to go through the boy soon becomes aware that the orphanage may be haunted by a number of spirits, with some being seemingly harmless while others, well, being far from harmless. Though he's done some great films since The Devil's Backbone, his next upcoming project seems to be in the same vein as his Spanish Civil War ghost story, and with the little details we know so far, it sounds awesome.

Though it's scheduled for much later in the year, Crimson Peak is del Toro's first Hollywood film that hasn't been made for sheer spectacle. While I enjoyed Hellboy, Blade 2 and Pacific Rim, this latest offering by the director is more in line with his earlier projects. Set in the 19th century, Crimson Peak focuses on an author who, along with her husband, stays in an old decrepit mansion in Cumbria. Not many story details are known so far, but the author's husband has a dark  and mysterious past, and this may end up merging with the ghostly problems that plague the house. Featuring incredible looking sets, a direction that seems to hint at very little use of CGI and a superb cast in place, Crimson Peak will scare cinemagoers on October 16th.

4- Tomorrowland

I've never been to Disneyland before, but if I were to go one day the first theme land I'd head for would be Tomorrowland. Tomorrowland puts its focus on visions and predictions of the future, but also offers visitors to try out a whole host of rides, with most of them being based upon well known Disney movies. But while Tomorrowland has been a staple of Disneyland since 1955, this upcoming movie apparently has no connection to it. While I do think there will be some kind of connection to Disney's long standing theme land, so far Tomorrowland looks like it can stand on its own two legs.

Much like Crimson Peak, plot details are extremely rare. All we know is that the movie will focus on a young girl called Casey who, alongside grizzled inventor Frank, travel to a mysterious place known as... you guessed it, Tomorrowland; a place in which as Frank puts it, “What if there was a place... a secret place... where nothing was impossible”. It's a tantalizing idea for a movie, and with films such as The Incredibles, The Iron Giant and Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol under director Brad Bird's belt, everything is pointing to Tomorrowland being nothing short of magical. Tomorrowland releases May 22nd.

3- Jurassic World

Jurassic Park was my Star Wars, and in turn the T-Rex stepping out of its paddock was my Star Destroyer zooming over the heads of the audience after the text crawl. Granted I loved Star Wars when I was younger too, but seeing Jurassic Park in the cinema back in 1993 was a life changing moment. It was scary, exciting and, above all else, filled me with sheer wonder. I left the cinema obsessed with dinosaurs, what they eat, theories on how they died out, how many different types there were and how easy it was to become a palaeontologist with Laura Dern as my sidekick- it turns out it wasn't easy and it didn't happen, sadly. Still though, Jurassic Park remains one of my all time favourite films. Jurassic Park: The Lost World was a disappointment and Jurassic Park 3 was, well, shit. But while that would be enough to usually scare my away from getting my hopes up regarding another entry into a series, Jurassic World looks pretty great.

Directed by Colin Trevorrow, who so far only directed Safety Not Guaranteed (which is great, by the way), Jurassic World is a sequel to the original Jurassic Park trilogy. Two decades after the disaster that was Jurassic Park, the park has been revitalised and re-branded as Jurassic World.  In a bid to prevent disaster, the park owners have put major restrictions on the dinosaurs across the island. However with the creation of a completely new dinosaur hybrid creature, disaster befalls the island once again. Don't worry though, as to combat a mutant dinosaur there's our two heroes- Bryce Dallas Howard and Chris Pratt and his pack of tame Raptors. Awesome! Jurassic World stomps into our cinemas on June 12th.

2- Mad Max: Fury Road

Growing up I was hooked on the Mad Max films. They had everything- car chases, Mel Gibson, badass evil dudes, Australian accents by the bucket load, car chases, explosions, car chases and, of course, car chases. In fact, Mad Max 2: Road Warrior, the best in the series, is essentially like one giant car chase. No green/blue screen, just old real cars crashing into real car with real stuntmen taking the hit. Though Mad Max: Beyond the Thunderdome did disappoint, the trilogy is visceral, physical and full of balls-to-the-wall awesome action scenes. However, since the mid-90's the fourth film in the series has been in development hell, that is, until now. This year will finally see the release of Mad Max: Fury Road, and though it doesn't star Mel Gibson and where it lies in the trilogy time-line in unknown, it's looking better than I ever expected it to be.

I never thought I'd see the day, but here we are. Starring Tom Hardy as Max Rockatansky and Charlize Theron as Imperator Furiosa, Fury Road follows Max as he tries to help Furiosa cross the desert back to her homeland. However, in classic Mad Max fashion the pair are being pursued by post-apocalyptic maniacs, led by the masked Immortan Joe. From watching the trailer it's clear that director George Miller is trying to recapture the feel of the original films. This results in little or no CGI, intense action, plenty on on-screen car wrecks and more explosions than you can count. I seriously can't wait for this. Mad Max: Fury Road releases on  May 15th.

1- Star Wars: The Force Awakens

This had to be number 1, right? It just had to. Being a Star Wars fan all of my life, I thought the series was dead after Revenge of the Sith. However, after George Lucas shocked the world by selling the franchise to Disney to the tune of $4.05billion, Disney were quick to announce that they not only plan on creating a new Star Wars trilogy, but also aim to release a whole slew of spin-off movies. We all know the prequels were terrible, so what's stopping this new trilogy from falling into that pitfall?

I always saw the prequel trilogy as a guidebook of “How NOT to make a Star Wars movie”, but beyond using them as a guide, with original trilogy names attached to this project such as Lawrence Kasdan, John Williams and of course Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher, it looks like The Force Awakens, much like Fury Road and Jurassic World, is trying to replicate the quality of the originals. But while the story is completely unknown at this point, simply watching the trailer will get you excited for it. X-Wings, Lightsabers, dark Sith goings on and Han motherf*cking Solo. I'll be first in line. While I was sceptical at first, I think The Force Awakens is genuinely going to deliver. Star Wars: The Force Awakens will be released on December 18th. My body is ready.

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