Sunday, 15 February 2015

Obvious Child

Out now on Blu-ray and DVD is a comedy film about abortion by the name of Obvious Child. It stars Jenny Slate as a comedienne who works in a book shop and has a series of unfortunate events occur to her, but this one wasn’t allowed into the Lemony Snicket stories because of all the abortion stuff and jokes about vaginas and the like.  It’s a pretty awesome film though, so I do encourage you go and see it even if you agree with Christopher Hitchens and believe that women are intrinsically not funny.

After Donna Stern (Slate) gets dumped by her boyfriend backstage at a gig in front of lots of people, she finds out that he has been cheating on her, leaving her feeling deeply lost and heartbroken.  With no knowledge of what to do other than to sit around crying all the time she decides to throw herself into her work and comedy which is made difficult by her sudden discovery that she has lost her job. This unfortunately makes her comedy not funny and she just sits around wanting to die, but instead choosing to drink too much with her gay friend Gabe who picks out men for her at the bar. This leads to her meeting a guy called Max (Jake Lacy).

As is the rule when having angry rebound sex while incredibly drunk,  somebody in the middle of the sex somewhere loses something which causes some things to happen but neither of the sexers remember what they are because they were drunk. So Donna finds herself single, jobless and pregnant. Pregnant from a guy who turns out to be her mothers student. She decides to have an abortion which in these circumstances is a bit like throwing a coin into a well and making a wish, but instead it’s throwing bits of barely conscious matter into a… I assume a jar for mad scientists to experiment with and making a wish. She accidentally treats Max like shit a lot and things start to go weird. But ultimately they are nice, real and strange.

The whole film deals with the subject of abortion very maturely and demonstrates one of the many situations that you can get into where you should be allowed to murder a child. Another one of course is when they stick sweets to your new curtains, or steal video game boxes from my work.

It is a very touching film, intense but also very beautiful and I would urge you to go see it if you like things that make you feel good.

Obvious Child is a beautiful non-judgmental look at abortion and womenhood gets 4/5.


Dave Roberts

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