Saturday 18 April 2015

CeX and GasCon

Do you live in Ireland and adore anime, go ga-ga for video game - a true-blue geek? If so, make sure you check out DIT GasCon, brought to you this year by CeX!

That’s right, we’re proud to be the main sponsors of GasCon 2015 - an up-and-coming and passionately geeky convention run by the students of the Dublin Institute of Technology. Head on down to the Camden Court Hotel Dublin on the 18th of April to enjoy a weekend of Video Game Tournaments, overnight LAN gaming, anime and sci-fi screenings, special guest panels and signings. You may even meet this year’s special guest Carrie Keranen of League of Legends, Yu-Gi-Oh and Kill la Kill fame.

We've even got two free tickets to give away, for your chance to win head on over to our Facebook page.

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