Sunday, 30 August 2015

CeX enters the e-sports arena!

Are you an e-sports aficionado? Would you rather watch CS:GO, DOTA and LoL instead of, pfff, “real sports”? If so make sure you tune into Insomnia 55’s CS:GO tournament to watch the debut of Team CeX, our brand new e-sports team!

We’ve picked 5 talented gamers from countries with a CeX presence to represent everyone’s favourite red recycler and are excited to introduce them to you now:

Andrew "resu" Robson

Henry "chronic" Thornton

Andrew "Andrew" Thursfield

Victor "mvick" Meulendijks

Jonathan "Sheekey" Sheekey

And providing support, Martin "Viper" Smith.

Interested in representing Team CeX in your favourite competitive game? Get in contact with us and let us know.

Get your daily CeX at

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