Thursday, 6 August 2015

EA @ Gamescom 2015

Another day, another chunk of Gamescom coverage. After Microsoft took to the stage the other day and tried to sell you an Xbox One, EA then had their chance to sell their wares. However, though no new games were shown off, we got a deeper look into previously revealed games EA has coming up within the next year.

Star Wars: Battlefront

Since its announcement, Star Wars: Battlefront has essentially divided the gaming community. Some see it as a welcome return to one of Star Wars' best gaming series, while others see it as a major step back in terms of content that was once available in Star Wars: Battlefront 2. Personally I'm hopeful, but lets just say that I'm holding back on getting excited about it until I see a little more. After all, it is true that this latest new version of the Battlefront series isn't exactly on par with Battlefront 2 when it comes to features, and with Battlefront 2 now 10 years old at this point... there's really no excuse.

The new gameplay shown at Gamescon is pretty impressive, and takes the fight into the skies above the volcanic planet of Sullust. Naturally letting the player fight as either the Empire or the Rebels (though you should be playing as the Empire and not Rebel scum, by the way), the new Battlefront trailer brings out the big guns with an appearance by the Millennium Falcon. I'm still on the fence when it comes to Battlefront, but I'm very slowly starting to open up to the fact that this may be the true successor to Battlefront 2. I guess time will tell...

Mirror's Edge Catalyst

In 2008 Ea released Mirror's Edge, a first-person adventure game that let the player use parkour amid a beautiful futuristic city. Though Mirror's Edge had a very devoted fanbase, it didn't do enough business to cement a sequel. That said, it seems like EA has been paying close attention to the voice of the online Mirror's Edge community, because back in 2013 came the surprise announcement that a successor was in the making. We've seen gameplay before, but at this years Gamescon EA showed off even more gameplay, cause why not?

Mirror's Edge Catalyst is a prequel to the original game, and chronicles to rise of Faith. The best part about what we've seen (so far) is the fact that it looks exactly the same as Mirror's Edge, but rather on a bigger scale. Set in a stunning looking open-world, Catalyst looks like it's once again focusing on parkour and hand-to-hand combat. Hopefully EA isn't going to have Faith break out some guns for this prequel, as right now it looks absolutely perfect.


Remember this little gem from E3? Unravel stars Yarny, a little dude made of red yarn. Developed by Coldwood Interactive, a developer from northern Sweden, Unravel is based upon a simple yet unique premise. The level shown off here is based upon a location in Sweden, and specifically from the developers own memories. Simply called “The Sea”, the level is incredibly lovely to look at and clearly makes for some interesting yarn swinging action.

The idea behind Unravel is that you, as Yarny, need to make it to the end of a level all the while the yarn that makes you up is unravelling. This essentially forces you to think before you leap, as one wrong move could waste a whole load of much needed yarn. From using yarn to solve puzzles, carry objects, create make-shift platforms to swinging over dangers areas, Unravel is looking like it just might be the sleeper hit of 2015.

Need for Speed

Revealed at E3 this year, Need for Speed is a complete reboot of the much loved series that started way back in 1994 with The Need for Speed on the 3DO. There have been countless sequels and spin-offs since then, but with this upcoming instalment EA are hoping to essential combine everything that made the best games in the series so great. With fast cars and insane customization being the focus of Need for Speed, it certainly looks like it's everything a racing fan wants.

The latest trailer sadly doesn't show much that's new, as it places a heavy focus on the plot of the upcoming game. Featuring real-life actors like some kind of late-90's FMV game, Need for Speed lets you rise the ranks of the underground racing circuit. With the colourful cast of characters backing up the stunning looking racing, lets hope it all comes together in the end.

Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2

I liked Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare, but I can't really say I'm dying to play a sequel, but hey, EA certainly want you to play it! Of course based on the hugely popular Plants vs. Zombies mobile game, Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2 is coming next year to PC, Xbox One and PS4. Though we've seen plenty of the game already, this latest trailer covers three new plant classes.

With Rose, Colonel Corn and Citron now adding a whole slew of weapons and abilities to the fight this time around, EA is clearly trying to shake up this sequel and set it apart from the original. Time will tell if it pays off, but I can't imagine the game being that different to the first game I played only last year.

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